DO NOT BUY a Smith Mountain Lake home
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smith mountain lake real estate

There are 18 vital things you have to know EARLY in your search BEFORE buying. Don’t expect to find this on your own. Buying a home at Smith Mountain Lake is fun and exciting, but can also be dangerous if you lack important information. The SML real estate market is HIGHLY SPECIALIZED, and not like most property markets.

Fortunately, having the right agent makes this easy. Just don’t make an expensive mistake. Get this free 47  page Buyer’s Guide from Ted Ciporin today (instant access).

Not sure you need it?

What is an Assignment of Occupancy & Use Permit?  If you want to rent your home (like an Airbnb), is that legal in Franklin County with R2 zoning? How about A1 zoning?? Will the dock permit transfer to you as the new owner? Note: just buying the house DOES NOT accomplish this. What if AEP requires 800’ contour mitigation? What is a Special Use Permit, and do you need one? Should you look at homes above or below “the bridge?” Does the home comply with the Smith Mountain Pumped Storage Project Shoreline Management Plan? How do you even find out, and what if it doesn’t??

Huh?!?   What??

All of this might sound a little scary, and without the right information (or the right agent), it can be.

But here’s the good news: Being represented by the right agent at SML makes all of this A BREEZE, with no worries at all! And after reading this buyer’s guide, you’ll probably know more about SML real estate than a lot of agents! (believe it or not).

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FREE Home Warranty Offer:

As a “thank you” for reading my Buyer’s Guide, I will pay the full cost of a 1 year Home Warranty for your home, when you work with me as your buyer agent. All the details of this Home Warranty offer are on page 48 of the Buyer’s Guide.

smith mountain lake real estate

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