The slope of your home’s lot-does it really matter?

The simple answer is: YES, absolutely!! But first, why do lots have a “slope” at Smith Mountain Lake anyway?

Smith Mountain Lake was created in 1966 for hydroelectric power. Work started in 1963, and after 3 years the lake reached full pond. “Full pond” just means the lake’s waters being at their full water level.

So Smith Mountain Lake is really a mountain valley that got filled in with water. There are still roads, and even a bridge at the bottom of Smith Mountain Lake (on YouTube you can watch videos of divers exploring the old Hales Ford Bridge; now very much underwater).

So lots at the lake were once mountainsides (or hillsides), and they all have some kind of slope vs. being level.

The slope of a home’s lot is a big factor impacting how easy (or difficult) it is to get from the house to the dock. The more gentle the slope, the easier, so lots with gentle slopes are typically the most desired, and also the most expensive.

So does a home with a steep slope mean it should be off your list? NO! The issue is getting from the house to the boat dock. Although a steeper slope makes it harder to do this by walking, most homes with steeper slopes have golf cart paths going all the way from the house to the dock. Some of these paths are gravel, but many are paved, quite fancy, and absolutely beautiful.

That said, a gentle slope is still seen as the most desirable, and will generally cost you more. But don’t be discouraged if you find a home you love with a steeper slope. Even if it doesn’t yet have a golf cart path, you can have a beautiful one constructed (we have a great contractor for that!), and you’ll never have to walk to the dock at all.

And even if a lot has a gentle slope, it’s still great to have a golf cart path anyway. It’s always nice to be able to drive. For example, if you are carrying a cooler full of food and water to your dock, you probably won’t want to walk with that! Even on a gentle slope, it’s easier to just throw everything into the back of the golf cart, and drive it down : )

By Ted Ciporin, Realtor

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