Shopping at Smith Mountain Lake

Where is the nearest Home Depot or Lowe's? Where is the nearest Walmart or Target? Where is the nearest shopping mall? These are common questions about Smith Mountain Lake which we answer in this section.

  • Lowe's The store in Rocky Mount is the closet to the lake, only 25 minutes away. There is a second Lowe's in Bedford which is only 30 minutes away.
  • Home Depot The nearest Home Depot is located in South Roanoke, a 40 minute drive from the lake.
  • Walmart The nearest Walmart supercenter is located in Rocky Mount, just 25 minutes from the lake.
  • Target The nearest Target is located at Valley View Mall in Roanoke, a 45 minute drive from the lake.

Regarding general shopping, the Smith Mountain Lake Community has virtually everything you need right here at the lake. Below we highlight some of the major shopping areas and stores that are most often asked about. In addition to having a variety of local shopping, other shopping opportunities are available within a reasonable driving distance.


Westlake Corner 

"Westlake", as it is referred to by locals, is Smith Mountain Lake's primary shopping area. Westlake Towne Center is the largest shopping center, but the Westlake area extends beyond this one collection of stores. Some of the popular shopping at Westlake is highlighted below.

  • Kroger Supermarket A large, modern supermarket which is the lake areas most popular destination for groceries.
  • CVS Pharmacy Located directly across the street from Kroger, this is a full service pharmacy and drug store.
  • Capps Home Building Center Known as a "mini Home Depot," Capps has an extensive inventory and a knowledgeable staff.
  • ABC Liquor Store Alcohol other than beer and wine is only sold by state-run ABC stores in Virginia, and there is one is conveniently located at Westlake.
  • Advance Auto Parts A full service auto parts center that's typically uncrowded, with a helpful, professional staff.
  • The UPS Store Easy shipping, plus the various other services offered such as printing, on-site notary, passport photos, and mail boxes.
  • Verizon Wireless A large local Verizon store offering smartphones, devices, and the various accessories.

Bridgewater Plaza

Located at Hales Ford Bridge, Bridgewater Plaza has a lot of shopping in addition to restaurants, a marina, miniature golf, rock climbing, and other attractions. Below are some recommendations for shopping at this fun location.

  • Gifts Ahoy Many gift items available, but you have to try the fudge! This is their specialty, and all of it is homemade and delicious.
  • Bridgewater Sportswear Need a Smith Mountain Lake t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat? How about a bathing suit or sunscreen? This is the right place!
  • Smith Mountain Wake Company A large store with lots of watersports equipment and apparel. Rentals available.

Moneta Commons Shopping Center One of Smith Mountain Lake's newest shopping centers, the second major supermarket in the community, Food Lion, is located here. Just a short drive north on RT. 122 from Hales Ford Bridge. Most visitors on the Bedford County side of the lake shop here.

  • Food Lion Supermarket A new and large supermarket that's been a welcome addition for the Bedford County side of the lake. Known for being very clean.
  • ABC Liquor Store A second ABC store location, similar to the location in Westlake mentioned above.

Downtown Moneta Shopping Center

Located about 5 minutes north of Hales Ford Bridge. In addition to restaurants, Downtown Moneta also offers select shopping and services.

Smith Mountain Lake shopping

Shopping Areas in Surrounding Communities

Where is the nearest shopping mall? What other nearby areas offer shopping? These are also common questions visitors to Smith Mountain Lake have. Please see below.

Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke is only 45 minutes from the lake, and offers 2 large shopping malls with a variety of stores and services.

  • Valley View Mall Roanoke's largest shopping mall and shopping area, including "big box" stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Staples, and many others.
  • Tanglewood Mall A smaller shopping mall, but conveniently located in SW Roanoke near many popular residential areas.

Lynchburg, Virginia

Lynchburg is about an hour from the lake, and offers 2 large shopping malls with a variety of stores and services.

  • River Ridge Shopping Mall A traditional, large scale shopping mall, River Ridge is conveniently located just off of Highway 460.
  • Ward's Crossing Featuring stores like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Dick's Sporting Goods, Ward's Crossing offers a variety of shops and restaurants, with plenty of parking.

In addition to shopping in nearby Roanoke and Lynchburg, there are virtually limitless other opportunities for shopping in areas such as Greensboro, NC, Raleigh/Durham, NC, Richmond, VA and others. Check our Nearest Cities/Airports page, or our About SML page for specific driving distances to these destinations.

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Smith Mountain Lake shopping